Turning 30: December Edition

While a lot of people make the “30 Before 30” list, I never made one. I have a bucket list that I feel is sufficient and don’t need to add yet another To-Do List to my life.

When I was a teenager, I had everything mapped out, and then this funny thing called Life happened. Basically, I wanted the American Dream: A house, a husband, and 2.4 kids (whatever that means). In Junior High, the BFFO and I actually created little books made out of magazine clippings of what our lives would look like by 30. We created floor plans of our dream houses, and then decorated those rooms. We even added pictures of kids playing outside in our perfectly manicured back yards. I think part of the plan was living next door to each other, too. Clearly, all of this worked out perfectly. (I hope you noted the extreme sarcasm dripping from that sentence. If you didn’t, we probably aren’t friends.)

When I turned 26, I had this mini panic attack. I hadn’t accomplished ANYTHING. I started putting pressure on Señor about marriage and kids. Ultimately, this led to our demise (well, it was partially to blame) and we broke up. After about a week Señor realized he couldn’t live without me because I’m so amazing. Well, that only a half truth. I also read a magazine article about not putting so much pressure on yourself about turning 30 and it’s perfectly fine to not be super accomplished. So, that helped some – because what guy wants to date a neurotic mess?

I digress.

After reading that oh-so-official Glamour article, I lightened up. A little part of me still wanted to be able to be married by 30, but I knew it would be okay if that didn’t happen. As I got a little older every year, I became more okay with it. I met people who had waited to get married, waited to have kids, and it was totally okay. They weren’t social pariahs. They were financially stable. They had traveled. They had acted foolishly. And then, when they were ready to settle down, they did. And, because they had waited, they were happier.

Now here I am on the heels of 30, and I’m so thankful Señor stood his ground and didn’t give in to my neurotic fit of needing to be married ASAP just to appease some social stigma. Instead, we took the time to talk, and both agreed that the most important thing to us is to buy a house. We want something that is ours, which has a yard for Houdini and the kids to run around in, as well as space inside for everyone to retreat to when we don’t want to be near each other. And while this isn’t the most traditional route, and some people may frown upon it, oh well. We know what is best for us. Plus, neither of us can fathom the idea of dropping $20k on a wedding while still living in an apartment.

In the end, when February rolls around and I turn the big 3-0, all I ask is that we’ve started the home buying process. Oh, and for health and happiness and all that good stuff, too.


Countdown to 30: October Edition

Please pay close attention to this statement: I am closer to 30 than I am 29.

In less than 4 months, I will hit the big 3-oh. I have told Señor on numerous occasions that I want a party, and I want him to plan it (or at least confer with my party planning BFFO), and I have been telling him this since I turned 28. He kind of brushes me off, but hey – all I want is a birthday party. It’s not like I’m giving him the ring ultimatum. (But a ring on MY THIRTIETH BIRTHDAY?! Now that would probably be the best 30th birthday EVER in the history of birthdays. Just sayin’.)

I digress. Back to the topic at hand…

As a tribute to my waning 20s, I want to cover some things in this blog before I turn the big 3-oh:

  • November: Things I’m Glad I Did Before 30
  • December: Things I Want to Do Before 30
  • January: Things I’m Proud of Doing Before 30
  • February: Things I Look Forward to in My 30s

In this particular blog, I’m going to go over my 20s timeline – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Early 20s (20-23) 
This was a rough time in my life. I was just out of the teen years, and still “finding” myself. I had gone away to college with the intention of reinventing myself from HS me. I drank and partied college-style, I had two on again-off again relationships (not at the same time!), and I moved to Florida to get away from Boy #1. I also had my first, and only, Summer Fling.

Mid 20s (24-26)
I was starting to get smarter, wiser, and I grew some lady cajones. I told Boy #1 to take a hike, I was tired of his games. I was told to take a hike by Boy #2. I went back to school and completed by Bachelor’s. I met Señor – and fell in love – despite swearing off guys with a heavy history. I started my first real job.

Late 20s (27-29)
Here I am. I’m on my 4th job since graduating college. I live with Señor and have part-time kids (stepsons) and a full-time dog.

I feel like I am about ready close the chapter of “finding” myself, and start writing the next chapters during my 30s, building upon the foundation I have laid out these past 9 years.