Countdown to 30: October Edition

Please pay close attention to this statement: I am closer to 30 than I am 29.

In less than 4 months, I will hit the big 3-oh. I have told Señor on numerous occasions that I want a party, and I want him to plan it (or at least confer with my party planning BFFO), and I have been telling him this since I turned 28. He kind of brushes me off, but hey – all I want is a birthday party. It’s not like I’m giving him the ring ultimatum. (But a ring on MY THIRTIETH BIRTHDAY?! Now that would probably be the best 30th birthday EVER in the history of birthdays. Just sayin’.)

I digress. Back to the topic at hand…

As a tribute to my waning 20s, I want to cover some things in this blog before I turn the big 3-oh:

  • November: Things I’m Glad I Did Before 30
  • December: Things I Want to Do Before 30
  • January: Things I’m Proud of Doing Before 30
  • February: Things I Look Forward to in My 30s

In this particular blog, I’m going to go over my 20s timeline – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Early 20s (20-23) 
This was a rough time in my life. I was just out of the teen years, and still “finding” myself. I had gone away to college with the intention of reinventing myself from HS me. I drank and partied college-style, I had two on again-off again relationships (not at the same time!), and I moved to Florida to get away from Boy #1. I also had my first, and only, Summer Fling.

Mid 20s (24-26)
I was starting to get smarter, wiser, and I grew some lady cajones. I told Boy #1 to take a hike, I was tired of his games. I was told to take a hike by Boy #2. I went back to school and completed by Bachelor’s. I met Señor – and fell in love – despite swearing off guys with a heavy history. I started my first real job.

Late 20s (27-29)
Here I am. I’m on my 4th job since graduating college. I live with Señor and have part-time kids (stepsons) and a full-time dog.

I feel like I am about ready close the chapter of “finding” myself, and start writing the next chapters during my 30s, building upon the foundation I have laid out these past 9 years.


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